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Blending Systems

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Gravimetric Self Contained Blenders

Blending Systems Can come in many forms.  The introduction of the Gravimetric Self Contained Blenders have brought tight control to the industry of Plastics Molding, Extrusion, and Small Compounding Plants. Usually these systems are characterized by the ability to handle only the most free flowing materials with very similar bulk densities and particulate sizes.  These systems generally are built on a stacked concept.  Materials are conveyed to a series of storage hoppers at the top.  The materials then drop through a metering devise and into a weigh hopper one at a time.  Once weighed, the materials drop out of the weigh hopper and into a mixing chamber where the materials are mixed and then the materials are droped into a retention hopper.  The retention hopper then stores material for immediate process use.  These systems often have a maximum hourly rate of of about 400 - 5,000 lbs and hour.  These systems while rugged industrial systems are of a duty that is suited for general factory floor industrial processing only.  Applications Include Raw Pelleted and Powdered Plastics, Pharmaceuticals Processing and other high precision fully automated continuous batch by weight process applications.

LRH & Associates, Inc. has a complete line of standard Gravimetric Self Contained Blenders for sale into specific industry segments.  Contact LRH & Associates, Inc. for complete information.  PH # (517) 784-1055

Complete Blend Plant

Under Construction!  Contact LRH for Details. PH # (517) 784-1055

Batch Plant Operations

Under Construction!  Contact LRH for Details. PH # (517) 784-1055

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