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Bulk Storage Systems 

One Stop Source for Storage and Equipment Solutions  LRH Karlyn

LRH / Karlyn Systems has excelled at providing Bulk Storage Systems to Industry for well over 25 years.  In fact most of the personnel have been involved in bulk storage applications for 40 plus years.  This gives LRH the advantage of having a wide point of view on what works best for any given material or systems application in a given location.

Materials of construction include Steel, Specialty Coated Steels, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, Poly Propylene, Large Reinforced Fabric EPS Storage Structure and many others.
As we manufacture a complete line of equipment we also offer complete system packages in bulk storage.  This includes special loading or unloading equipment offerings to intergrade your bulk storage in to the rest of your plant operations.  We also offer complete install services for every bulk storage project we sell when needed. 

Direct Sales, Support, Consulting Services for other Engineering Houses, we make every effort to work at every level in this industry to provide the best possible systems to the customer.  Experience counts contact LRH & Associates, Inc for help with your next project.

    Aluminum Welded Storage Silos              Painted Steel Welded              Corrugated Bolted Bins

   Large Bin Clusters and Structural Steel Towers                          Complete Equipment Offering "LRH"

Every project above was engineered, fabricated and installed by LRH and LRH Work Crews.  This is a small selection of our abilities.  We have installed many large and small projects around North America some highly advanced and some very basic in nature.

Our Sucess include the Bulk Storage of,

Lime CaCo3, Carbon Black, Sugar, Starch, Salt, Wheat, Corn, Sucrose, Plastics of all kinds, Fly Ash, Aggregate, Animal Feeds, Expanded Poly Styrene, Sand, Gypsum, Saw Dust, Concrete, Magnesium Oxide and many more are possible.

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