Pneumatic Conveying: The process that uses gas to transfer dry material from one point to another.  The gas medium is most often standard atmospheric air however, special enviroment gasses can and are used when necessary.  Just about any dry material is suited for this type of transfer.

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Industrial Conveying Equipment and Complete Turnkey Process Systems
Pneumatic Conveying, Mechanical Conveying, Bulk Storage, Bag Houses Batch Process, Mixing, Bulk Break, Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems, Recycle Equipment, Contract Piping, General Process. 
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LRH / Karlyn Process Systems

Welcome and Thank you for your interest in LRH & Associates, Inc. and Karlyn Systems Process Equipment Company.

LRH / Karlyn Systems has a long established history in process equipment used in a multitude of industries throughout North America.  Established in 1984, located in Jackson, Michigan we have had exposure to various industries and developed unique process equipment taylored to specific applications.  As with every system, unique adaptations have been found to be the normal and with more than 27 years of applications experience in every major industry, LRH will have a offering that to satisfy your unique requirements.

Complete Turn Key Systems Approach.  

From the first meeting through the final systems operations training session LRH will work to develop the best possible system solution for use in your manufacturing process.

In House Design, Manufacturing and Install.

LRH has the unique ability to not only provided the design or you system.  We also maintain the ability to manufacture and install the equipment we manufacture and sell.  This translates into systems that are well built and work as intended one inside your facility.


10 days or 10 years, LRH maintains an extensive inventory of commonly used parts in both ours and others conveying and process systems.  This translates into a very valuable offering not often found in todays market place. "Legacy Support."  With our in house manufacturing abilities, if it is not a readily available part then we can fabricate a new one from scratch.  In the end reliability for the long haul is what we are all about.

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