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LRH & ASSOCIATES, INC., First introduced this line of equipment in the early 1990's.  Since its introduction the LRH Vacuum Hopper Loader Concept has been sold into many different applications handling a multitude of dry materials.  Typically LRH Vacuum Hopper Loaders are utilized to load either granular, pelletized or fine powder material that have a free flowing material characteristic with a bulk density of less than 75 lbs/ft^3.  The LRH Vacuum Hopper Loader can be configured for multiple material inlets, and per draw hopper capacities up to (4) four cubic feet of material depending on machine model.  LRH Vacuum Hopper Loaders can be configured as part of a central system containing multiple LRH Vacuum Hopper Loaders, powered by one Vacuum Pump and Controller source, or they can be configured on a self contained basis.  Either concept is capable of satisfying the needs of single or multiple use points, however self contained concepts have certain limitations that central system do not.

Controlled material conveying atmospheres can be achieved in LRH Central Vacuum Convey Systems with all leaks being into the system, potentially eliminating most material spillage associated with pressure system concepts.  

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