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Positive Displacement "PD" Blowers

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LRH & Associates, Inc. / Karlyn Systems has been packaging PD Blowers since the begin of the companies formation.  We have been involved with many Pneumatics Houses over the years providing Complete Packaging Service allowing the use of our know how and economies of scale to bring a well designed machine to the market place for well over 20 years.   We offer many choices in PD Blowers, Motors, Bases, Drive Configurations and Adaptations to apply Blower Packages to specific industries as needed.

We also offer rebuild services for Blowers.  While these service can often be obtained in many ways we offer a centralized alternative for your benifit.  As we have access to the OEM's and most distribution networks, rebuilds can be handled no mater the damage to the pump.  Sometimes the manufacture may no longer exist and while this may present a challenge most of the time we can still make the repairs necessary to return you PD Blower to service.  Contact LRH for Details. (517) 784-1055 

Brand Names Available & Serviced at LRH Location

Aerzen ®

Dresser Roots ®

Eurus ®

Gardner Denver ®


Kice ®

Tuthill Blowers "MD Pneumatics" ®

Sutorbilt "Legend" ®

Bare Shaft Blowers Available

Complete Blower Packages 
3 to 250 Plus HP

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