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Pluse Jet Material Filter Recievers 

LRH & Associates, Inc.  Manufactures manufactures a complete line of Pulse Jet Filter Receivers in with a multitude of standard options. 

We can incorporate custom discharge configureations, tangential or radial inlets, internal baffels, explosion venting / supression requirements and any other necessary customizing features unique to your process.

Currently we offer 6 basic models classified by the diameter of the vessel.

Standare Models are the,
                    1600 Series for 16" Dia.
                    2400 Series for 24" Dia.
                    3000 Series for 30" Dia.
                    3600 Series for 36" Dia.
                    4800 Series for 48" Dia.
                    6000 Series for 60" Dia.

Any of these standard units can be constructed in Aluminum, Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel to suite the process material or environment.

We offer both bag and pleted cartridge units to accomodate different environmenal and air flow requirements in addition so special media and media coatings for other added requirements unitque to the indivisual process.

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