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Turn Key Systems

Complete Turn Key Systems

The Turn Key Systems Approach is what LRH & Associates, Inc.  through its trade name division Karlyn Systems offers as a total approach Philosopy to Industry.

The LRH/Karlyn team of systems providers will be in control of the entire process.  In the beginning a site walk
though will be completed in order to evaluate the location for special requirements.  Every operating aspect of the system will then be determined and any preliminary data will be collected about the specific process to be completed. 

A controls platform will be discussed and selected and the engineering them will return to LRH/Karlyn home office to work on number of approaches.  All approaches will be reviewed with the customer and the best approach for the customer will be selected for purchase and the build project will begin. 

After the build project is completed the system will be subjected to trials by LRH personnel and all components will be qualified for performance.  LRH/Karlyn will train all customer operating personnel in the operations, maintenance and safety aspects of all the provided equipment and systems. 

Once LRH/Karlyn personnel have faith that the customer is in full control of the process and operational aspects of the entire system, formal day to day operations will be handed over to the customer and LRH will exit daily operations until the next time they are needed.

At every step in the process customer satisfaction is job one.

Once the job is completed the long term customer support system, LRH & Associates greatest strength begins.  As system maintenance occurs you can count on LRH/Karlyn Systems for the long run. 
Complete Systems:  Pneumatic Convey

In plant Pneumatic Convey Projects.
    Single Point to Point Transfer.
    Multiple Point to Point Transfer.
    Systems Up Grades.
    Vacuum and Pressure Systems
    Combo Systems.

Complete Systems:  Recycling Systems

    Plastics Shredding Systems
    Plastics Granulation Systems
    De-Dusting Systems
    Pulverizing Systems
    Impact Reductions Systems

Bulk Storage Systems: Silos and Bin Clusters

    Steel Welded Silo      Many Selections
    Bolted Silos                Many Configuration
    Corrigauted                Many Selections
    Bolted Clusters          Custome Designed

Complete Systems:  Mechanical Convey

In plant Mechanical Convey Projects
    Screw Conveyors
    Bucket Elevators
    Belt Conveyors

Complete Systems:  Batch Mix Plants

General Blending Projects
    Bakery Mix Projects
            Micro and Majors Ingredients.

    Pet Food Mix Projects
            Complete Projects

    Plastics Blending Systems
            Compounding Systems
                Complete PVC Compounding 
            Coatings and Filled Products
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